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Settling Your Personal Injury Claim: A Look at the Entire Process

The process of receiving money for your personal injuries can be frustrating and drawn out. It’s hard to even know where to begin settling your personal injury claim. We’ll walk you through the whole process, including where to start and what you can expect down the road.


Conservative Lending: The Best Avenue for Your Clients

Individuals who suffer personal injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents can find themselves in financial distress if their injuries prevent them from generating income. The majority of your clients will not have to borrow money against their personal injury claim. However, every law firm handles a small group of clients whose financial situation is in dire straits. Our conservative lending practices can help these clients.


How Lawyers Can Further Help Personal Injury Clients

Personal injury settlements take a huge toll on individuals. Their injuries can extend beyond the physical abrasions and broken bones to include mental suffering and financial setbacks. Not being able to work can become a problem for individuals who have families counting on them. Rather than risk eviction, as their lawyer, you can refer them to other financial resources.