Looking for funding and access to experts to maximize your client claims?

Talk to us about our Assessment Financing solution.

What it is:

Expert assessments are a large part of a personal injury lawyer’s disbursements. As such, we have created our Assessment Financing solution to provide access to the Independent Medical Expert reports you require today, and no payments until settlement.

We have established an extensive network of companies across Canada to help provide you with timely access to medical assessment services so you can focus on maximizing your client claims.

How it works:

  • We work with you to establish a line of credit, based your specific needs
  • You contact any of the Assessment Partners in our program to source an expert or service
  • The Assessment Partner completes the assessment service and sends us the invoice
  • The Assessment Partner sells the invoice to Easy Legal based on your direction
  • You pay the invoice amount to Easy Legal upon the settlement of the claim. If less than 24 months, no interest is charged.

Key loan details:

  • Three-year term
  • No fees
  • No interest or financing costs for 24 months
  • No payment until settlement



We connect you with qualified medical assessment firms that provide the expert evidence you need to build your personal injury cases. Our partners are a roster of specialists and regional/national experts that can assist with a wide range of services, including:




What is the typical loan size?

It is typically $100,000 – $3 million. Higher funding thresholds will be evaluated during the application process.


What is the term?

The payment is due, upon settlement of the claim, typically three years from the date of the contract.


Is there reporting?

We can generate reporting for the lawyer on the firm level, or the client level (to recognize the individual disbursement).


What assessment providers do you work with?

We work with an extensive regional and national network of top experts from across Canada. Contact us for a complete list of providers


What is required to receive the funds?

We require the executed loan agreement, two pieces of identification, a copy of the business name (title) registration. A Law Society Review, PPSA and BIA searches will also be conducted, prior to funding.


How long does the application process take?

With the necessary documentation submitted and approved and the contract executed by you, you will get your line of credit within 48 hours.

Don’t see your question answered here? Call 1-888-291-4488 or email [email protected]hinofinance.com to contact one of our client service representatives.