Glossary of personal injury terms

When you are involved in an auto accident resulting in injuries to you and/or the people travelling with you in your vehicle, or the other drivers and/or the people travelling in their vehicle, then you may either be liable for damages or eligible for compensation under certain circumstances. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, then having a basic idea about tort law can help you avoid costly mistakes. Here is a glossary of important personal injury terms (in alphabetical order):

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What to do if you are in an auto accident in Ontario

You can never rule out an auto accident no matter how careful you are. You don’t have to be drunk or negligent to be in one; another careless driver can ram your car from behind, collide head-on with you or hit you from the side. Whether you are involved in a minor collision with no injuries involved or a major crash that results in severe injuries or even fatalities, you should know what do to after the accident – whether you are at fault or not. This makes the experience a little less harrowing and helps you avoid a costly lawsuit.

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