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Our finance solutions are designed to significantly reduce the cost of personal injury financing (especially if your case takes longer than expected), to help you move on with your life, and give your lawyer the time they need to work on your settlement.

We offer immediate lump sum pre-settlement loans that have no hidden fees, and offer ongoing monthly support to assist you while you await your motor vehicle accident settlement or your ICBC claim (if you live in BC).

Lump Sum Loan

This is a one-time loan that will help you to get back on your feet, pay off existing debts, or manage an immediate financial need or emergency. Additional lump sum loans can be applied for in the future if the need is there. Many of our clients apply for a lump sum loan to get caught up with expenses, and then receive additional monthly income support payments for a defined period to help avoid falling behind again while they wait on their settlement.

Monthly Income Support Program™

This program significantly reduces your borrowing costs and provides you with a monthly cash flow, allowing you to budget and pay your ongoing monthly bills.

Treatment Funding Program

Do not worry about the cost of your medical appointments or treatments with this program—we will take care of everything for you.


Our loans can get you back on your feet immediately.


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