Settling Your Personal Injury Claim

Settling Your Personal Injury Claim: A Look at the Entire Process

The process of receiving money for your personal injuries can be frustrating and drawn out. It’s hard to even know where to begin settling your personal injury claim. We’ll walk you through the whole process, including where to start and what you can expect down the road.

The Personal Injury Settlement Process

  • See a lawyer: After you’ve been hurt in an accident, your first step is to visit a lawyer who will ask you several questions. They will talk to you about your medical treatment, other individuals that were involved, potential witnesses, etc. These are some very broad questions. However, they’ll need to ask about the tiny details, too.
  • File the beginning paperwork: Your lawyer will do this job. They’ll file the beginning paperwork with the court to officially start your claim. There are several different documents that will be given to the court, but among them will be your complaint against the other party.
  • The discovery process: This stage is where both your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer will try to discover everything they can about the case. At this point, it’s important to be honest about what truly happened; everything can come out, and getting caught in a lie will make your chances for success decrease.
  • Possible case dismissal: Sometimes the defendant’s lawyer will file a motion for dismissal, which means your case will end without a settlement. For a case to be dismissed, the court must find your complaint legally invalid. When deciding, the court will look at all the evidence and facts.
  • Settlement: If your case is still valid, the other party may offer you a lump sum settlement amount. If this occurs, you would receive a reasonable, agreed upon amount of money in exchange for never pursuing legal action against the plaintiff again regarding this case. Your lawyer will help you decide whether you should take the amount or refuse.
  • Trial: If you decline the settlement presented, your claim will go to trial, and the fate of your case will rest with a judge or jury. If you win, you’ll receive an amount agreed upon by the court.

The settlement process can be confusing; that’s why a lawyer is always by your side advising and helping you through it. If you need financial relief for a lawsuit settlement, contact Rhino Legal Finance for help.