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Need Treatment Financing?

Treatment Financing Information for Plaintiffs and Lawyers

Access to sufficient funding for treatment and recovery has always been an issue for injured claimants. Rhino Legal Finance’s treatment funding is available at any stage of your claim and will actively assist in helping you restore your health and receive a successful settlement. Rhino’s treatment program can ensure you receive your medical, rehabilitation, attendant care, or other treatment-related needs on a timely basis.


  • Your health is not restricted by ongoing negotiations with the defense. The program will help fund your treatment plan as designed by your treatment provider(s) with no stops and restarts in their program—your progress will not be interrupted.
  • Your lawyer can negotiate from a stronger, verifiable position; the severity of the injuries is increased and their treatment requirements are known.
  • You have verifiable mitigation of injuries; ongoing treatment clearly demonstrates your intention to mitigate your claim, which is an important consideration in personal injury settlement negotiations.
  • We can direct treatment funds each month to the treatment provider on behalf of the client.
  • Rhino’s borrowing costs are among the lowest currently available.
  • The lawyer is not a guarantor for the treatment loan in the event that the claim is not successful.

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