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Information for Treatment Providers

Rhino Legal Finance provides loans for medical services not covered by insurance. A common practice in the industry involves treatment providers offering their services on a “deferred” or “protected” account basis where an insurer has denied a treatment plan or where interim accident benefits are not available.

Payment for services is then received only upon the successful resolution of a claimant’s personal injury file, often months or years after original services were provided. Treatment providers are often asked to discount the original charge, sometimes substantially, even after a lengthy wait to be paid. This prolonged waiting can cause significant cash flow problems for the treatment provider.

Immediately collect payment for medical services not covered by insurance with Rhino Legal Finance. Rhino offers a solution that asks the important question: “why wait?” With Rhino, the answer is: “you don’t need to!”


  • Receive immediate payment for services rendered. For ongoing treatment plans with a determined monthly cost, payment is made at the beginning of each month directly into your account.
  • Spend your time focused on assisting your clients with their recovery, rather than focused on collections and keeping track of long overdue invoices.
  • Avoid conflicts and stress with important sources of referrals.
  • Rhino assumes all risk for collection and management of the invoices once Rhino has paid the treatment provider.
  • Rhino pays the treatment provider in full for the services with no discounting or factoring.

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